Is Legit or a Scam? Let’s find out!

If you are looking for a place where you can borrow short-term loans, is one of the online lending websites where you can go. Customers say that this website has a convenient way of processing loans, for instance, a borrower doesn’t need to leave his home because everything can be done online. If you are curious about this site, here’s my Midweekpay review to give you comprehensive information about it.

How does Midweekpay work?

In case you are wondering about the loan services offered by Midweekpay, let’s try to breakdown the information set out on its website.

Just like any other loan service, you need to complete a form when you are applying to this website. You will need to provide your personal details and your employment information so more lenders on the site can verify your identity. According to the website, you need to be 18 years old and above to qualify for the loan. Your work history should be 90 days or above and you should be earning $1,000 per month, net of taxes. You should be a permanent resident or a citizen of the US. Your phone number and email address should be valid as well.

After submitting your application, there are lenders on the website who will verify and assess your details, including your net income and employment history. If you have good credit ratings, you’ll be able to receive your loans on the same day.

Once you receive an offer, you will re-directed to a new window where you will see the terms and conditions. You have the choice to evaluate the contract first before you say yes to the offer. Note that the rates and fees attached to the loan depend on some factors such as the state where you are located, your credit score, and the amount and schedule of payment you wrote in your application. If you have a bad credit score, there is a chance that you will get higher interest rates.

If you are not comfortable with the offer, you can decline the contract. But if you accept the proposal, you will be taken to a new window where you will sign the contract digitally. This is the last process and once completed, the lender will proceed to deposit the loan in your bank account. You will see the amount credited to your account after 1 business day.

How much can you borrow?

You can loan as little as $100 and as big as $5,000. According to the website, the minimum APR is 7% while the maximum is 36%. These percentages are subject to the approval of lenders.

What’s good about Midweekpay is that you can repay your loans in 12-30 months. You and the lender will be deciding about the payment terms. Pros and Cons

There are many things to like about Midweekpay. First, the website is secure and it can be easily navigated. There is no need for technical skills if you want to apply for a loan online. You can get it in a click. You can also quickly familiarize yourself with the interface of the website. You can go to the FAQ section to find out about the five usual questions asked by borrowers.

Another great thing about this online lending website is that it doesn’t just involve one lender. There are many lenders on the website who can analyze your application, which means there are more chances of getting approved regardless of your financial status. Lenders can offer contracts if they see that the borrower is fit to borrow and pay. This is ideal for borrowers who have been rejected by banks because of their bad credit. With Midweekpay, you can get quick small loans if you are willing to pay for the interest rate.

A disadvantage you will get from using this website is the unwanted text messages you receive. But, you can always unsubscribe through Also, remember that your credit score will be affected badly if you will pay late. You have to make sure that you are following the payment terms.

Is Legit?

As a final thought, is legit. There are no customer reviews saying that they have been scammed by this lender. There is no upfront payment required as well so you can rest assured that there is nothing to worry about when you use the services of this online lending site.

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No stars

1.0 rating
September 23, 2020

Everyday they say your deposit today and gives me a # asks me everyday they need my IBV everyday they ask for the same thing saying I got the loan but it’s all LIES AND MIRE LIES EVERYDAY. SO EITHER DEPOSIT THERE OR GO TO HELL. OH THEY OFFER GIFT CARD AWARDS BUT YOU HAVE TO PURCHASE ALOT. IF I COULD AFORD TO MAKE ANY PURCHASE I WOULD NOT NEED A LOAN

Anna Allred

My information is showing up on another persons link where they have filed for a loan in there name but linked it with my information so that there borrowing against my unemployment claim. And what's even more outrageous Midweekpay cannot be contacted in any way but to fill out information for another loan.

1.0 rating
September 1, 2020

This is ludicrous and amazing this lending extendtion gives no way to talk with a customer representative.b

Tad Harris

Never applied for loan but getting several texts daily???

1.0 rating
August 31, 2020

How on earth am I receiving text messages from ?? I have not applied for any loans recently nor have I ever heard of this lender until receiving all these texts.


Never used them

1.0 rating
August 28, 2020

Yet one day they start texting. Day 1, account activation client.
Day 2, money transfer in state.
Day 3, electronic deposit
It looks like someone is using my name and phone number to scam me


Text message

4.0 rating
August 26, 2020

Why do you send text to people that have not engaged. Or has someone used our information. Either way how do you know the information you get is not stolen ?


Midweek Pay

1.0 rating
August 21, 2020

All of a sudden I am receiving unsolicited texts telling me to make transfers, with a link to initiate.

Guess Who

No. Stars. This is the reason why

2.0 rating
August 1, 2020

I’ll put in for a loan. Two days ago I haven’t got no email or no response from. Midweek. Pay. I have not contacted me or let me know anything and I got all my information and I was approved for $300 so I don’t know at this point what’s going on

Felton Collins


1.0 rating
July 24, 2020

Email and phone numbers listed don’t actually exist. Send scam texts with no way to unsubscribe since not a legitimate company following the law. A search for the company turns up another company that doesn’t exist. Avoid and block their texts. Don’t believe anything online stating they are legit.

Not falling for scam

Their company is nothing but a fraud

1.0 rating
July 15, 2020

At this point I’m getting text messages over a year about somebody named angel that lives in Arizona that is using my number and probably my personal information but now I have all their personal information because this company keep send it to me and I cannot contact the midweekpay company to have it corrected anybody that is using this company should stop and back out because other people are getting your personal information I’m only person that’s having my information stolen from me and I’m getting some somebody else’s information what is wrong for companies to do


Where are the manners?

1.0 rating
April 13, 2020

I got a text telling me I have a phone “interview,” so I looked up their number and called. A machine placed me on hold, came back on demanding my year of birth, cut me off to hold again, then abruptly said goodbye and hung up in my face. I don’t even know if a was approved or denied. If you’re gonna deny me, that’s cool, just don’t be such jerks about it.


Just another way to get a loan

4.0 rating
April 6, 2020

So basically they just send your information to various lenders. that’s it.

who cares


4.0 rating
March 15, 2020

More lenders, more chances of getting approved. Time saved for sure.



2.0 rating
March 7, 2020

I got rejected even with good credit history. I don’t think lenders evaluate you carefully.


No Title

2.0 rating
March 2, 2020 uses different interest rates. You would never know the offer unless you apply for one.

Jeffrey Koontz

Pretty good...

5.0 rating
February 29, 2020

Midweekpay has been my go-to lender for a while now. They offer pretty good rates for good payers.


No Title

4.0 rating
February 27, 2020

I’ve been rejected a couple of times by banks because of the line of work but Midweekpay is very quick to approve my application!

Renee. C

unwanted text messages!!!!

1.0 rating
February 26, 2020

After I received money they sent me like 20 text messages! It’s really annoying!

Mary Alice Johnson

No Title

4.0 rating
February 24, 2020

Get ready to receive lots of text messages after your application! You can unsubscribe though –
Otherwise, all good here!


Good, but not very good

3.0 rating
February 12, 2020

This is a good source of emergency funds. that’s all!



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